By D.J. Johnson

When I was 23 years old I eloped. Not only did I elope, my wife and I didn’t tell our family we got married for the first two and a half years. You see, we were smart. Really smart. So smart that we decided to isolate ourselves from the world and try our hand at entrepreneurship. In a couple years we amassed eight rental houses. One year later, we were divorced and in bankruptcy court.

What happened? How did we fail? As a husband, what did I do wrong? It took me YEARS to work through these issues and move past the feeling of being a failure as a man and as a husband. Over the years I realized that the biggest mistake we made was cutting ourselves off from others and thinking it really was us against the world!

Fast forward to 2017, I was on Facebook and a video popped up with two familiar faces: Steve & Bobbi Johnson. I immediately watched because these are my people. Within three minutes I was fighting back the apple knot in my throat, praying that I don’t well up with a tear or two! They exposed my entire marital dilemma in that short amount of time. I listened intensely, hanging onto every word as a rush of emotions took over. I immediately sent the link to my ex-wife. Her response;

“Did you make it through the entire video without crying? If so, How Sway? Lol.”

Afterwards, I called Bobbi and Steve to tell them how thankful I was they made “The Myx.” But even as I thanked them I couldn’t help but to wonder, what made them open up such a personal aspect of their life to the world? Bobbi simply said, “It was necessary!”

 She began to explain that she and Steve are now at the age where they represent the beginning of the Millennial Generation. They’ve been married for 10 years now and a lot of their friends who got married around the same time as them, are no longer married.

Steve added, “Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a community to support a marriage. A support system that helps you navigate through the tough times. We hope to be a catalyst of support for our generation”.

Photo by Invert The World

Over the next 8 weeks “The Myx” will be rolling out a new episode every week, and I am proud to say you can check it out starting this Friday, weekly on




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