The first installment of Invisible Thread, an ongoing Early Light Media passion project series, Throw tells the story of an outsider from East Baltimore, an area challenged by gang violence and poverty. Often misunderstood, Coffin Nachtmahr found acceptance among a subculture of “throwers” and it turns out, he’s a virtuoso. He now helps others find a creative and social outlet by sharing the very toy that inspired him.

The Invisible Thread series is fueled by our passion for telling people-driven stories and will be an ongoing project that explores human connectivity, life, death, and all the moments in between. We want it to be diverse, funny, serious, and informative. We plan to have a section dedicated on our website to the series in the future, and we welcome any and all story ideas that you would like to contribute to our love of storytelling.
Throw Credits
Directors: Darren Durlach & David Larson
Executive Producer: Jody Weldon & Coffin Nachtmahr
Producer: Liz Norton / Cerebral Lounge & Iris D’Arcangelo / Cerebral Lounge
Associate Producer: Alexander Glass
Filming: David Larson, Darren Durlach, Alexander Glass
Writing: Darren Durlach & David Larson
Cast: Coffin Nachtmahr, Satarian Montgomery, Eon Duzant
Aerial: Jody Weldon
Design: Jody Weldon & Darren Durlach
Sound Design: Nick Sjostrom / Cerebral Lounge
Sound Mix: Nick Sjostrom / Cerebral Lounge
Licensed Music: Warner/Chappell Production Music
Special Thanks:, Bomb Squad, Paul Han, Cerebral Lounge, Stan Heist, Amy Marquis, Maribeth Livingston, Durlach Family, Larson Family, Weldon Family, the wonderful city of Baltimore, Early Light Media and all the dreamers
Camera: Canon C300, Inspire 1 Drone, Sony FS 700, Canon Prime Lenses
Run Time: 10:13
Date of Completion: April 2016
Official Selection: 2016 Mountainfilm
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